About Us

We are one of the largest distributers and wholesaler of stainless-steel raw materials in Iran, our office and warehouses are located in the main and biggest market for stainless steel in TEHRAN. mostly we import and wholesale products like:

  • Stainless steel NO.4, 2B, BA, NO.1coil and sheets, materials: 304L, 316L, 430, 
  • Stainless steel welded, seamless and sanitary pipe and squire pipe 304,201,316
  • Stailess steel sanitary, buttweld and threaded pipe fittings 304L , 316L

Since 1994 we have begun our activity of buying and selling stainless steel raw materials, with more than 26 years of experience has made us enough powerful to expand our business, import, wholesale and commercial activities through Iran and Asian countries, it also has enable us to hold good record in our working history. over the years our company have build a strong reputation for providing trustworthy relation among the costomers as well as our suppliers, this has been build by costant activity and always staynig true to our commitment. 

we have build this website to help our dear foreigner colleague and stainless-steel manufactures to find out more about the Iran stainless steel market and by giving products selling price here in Iran and news regarding SS market, which we think will improve your knowledge and data about Iran stainless-steel market.

:Our domestic and international services

  • Importing, distribution and wholesale of stainless steel product
  • Trade consultancy both domestic and international
  • Water jet and laser cutting services
  • Buying and selling stainless steel scrap
  • construction of various structure or industrial parts made by stainless steel
  • supply every stainless steel materilas for interoir and exterior design 
  • Export, to our neighbor countries for most demanded porducts from Iran
  • Customs clearance 
  • Price quotation 
  • Verification, examination and inspection

 Important visions of our company

  • To play effective role in Iran stainless steel market 
  • To have cooperation with manufactures and trading companies 
  • Developing commerce in different business opportunities and reducing the risk for exporting to Iran
  • to export Iran's best quality products and services 
  • providing necessary consultation and data from iran metal market
  • Ease of doing business with our neighbor countries
  • research, investigation and collaboration to find commerce and Iran opportunities 

 we will be grateful if we could help our dear foreigner colleague, suppliers and stainless steel manufactures here in Iran as friend, representative, nominate, distributer or any request we can do for you in Tehran. 


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